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My Husband Getting Emails From Dating Sites – What to Do When Your Husband is Emailing Other Women


my husband getting emails dating sites

Have you noticed your husband getting emails from some online dating sites? Have you asked yourself this question? It’s quite possible that you have noticed your husband receiving these emails, but you may not have the confidence to ask him about it. If you want to find out who is writing the emails, then here are a few ways to do it.

Email Address – Look for your husband’s email address and search for his name in any major search engine. You’ll probably come up with thousands of results. Try and identify which site he is going to be communicating with most. You can easily do so by checking the emails that he sends to you and the ones he receives. This way you’ll be able to narrow down your search and find out who it is you need to talk to.

Steps of Finding Who is Writing the Emails to Your Husband.

Profile Picture – Look at your husband’s profile picture and see if there is something that stands out to you. Is he smiling or is he grimacing? There are also cases where a picture alone will not tell the whole story. What you’ll probably find is that there are other people who may have the same photo as your husband. Once again, you’ll need to investigate these leads to get more information.

Check Out Birthday and Other Events – Is your husband planning on celebrating any special occasion? Do you know what day he’ll be celebrating? Try and find out if he has planned any special dates or events. Most men like to plan things before the big day. They’ll put in all sorts of effort to make it memorable and hopefully romantic.

Instant Answers – One of the most popular tools when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex is instant messaging. Unfortunately, it can also be a tool that can be used to fool or even stalk the other person. That’s why you need to check his messages often. If he mentions a specific event or date, make sure you check to see if he said those things before he talked to you.

Is He Using Any Dating Services? – Today, it’s quite easy for someone to set up a profile on any dating site. You’ll need to do a quick check to see if he’s actually registered. Most of the time, he’ll just want to give his real name. However, you should also make sure that he’s actually connected to the website.

Check Out His Contact Details – You can easily spot any fake or incorrect contact details in the “Contact Us” section. You’ll most likely find that he’ll use either his real name or some variation of it. Any email accounts should also be checked for accuracy.

Does He Want Me Back? – If you still love your husband and think that he’s genuinely changed, don’t panic. All it takes is one email to convince him that you’re not as into him as he thought. Don’t jump into a relationship yet though. Let him be the one to initiate contact. Once he does, you’ll know for sure!

Is He Really a Single Man – If the “Contact Us” section is indeed listed after your search, then it means that he’s just another guy who wants to connect with women. There’s no guarantee that he has any female friends, and you might even be scared of contacting the woman if you find out that she’s actually a man. There are plenty of dating sites where he can choose his gender. You may even want to look for sites that cater to singles, since this is where you’ll probably meet him.

Why He Won’t Commit? – Sometimes a man is just too stubborn. He might think that marriage will take a lot longer than it does. If you want to get to a new level of commitment with him, make an effort to talk to him about your feelings.

How Long Has This Occurred – If he’s been emailing other women on the site, then he might not be committed to his current girlfriend. Your boyfriend might be seeing someone else under false pretenses, or he might not really want to commit to you. Once he admits that he’s been emailing someone else, you can be sure that he’s hooked and won’t leave you. You can’t press the issue once he says he’s not interested, because it will only prompt him to continue lying.

Can I Stop Getting Emails From Him? – You can ask the man you’re dating if he gets emails from other women, and you can try to delete them yourself. However, this might not be an easy thing to do. He could be switching email accounts every few weeks, and if you know he’s been emailing other people, chances are he’s got a different one that you don’t know about.

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